Our Live Chat System

In an effort to provide a better patient experience, we have deployed a live chat system for this website.

We hope this will be a beneficial addition allowing some of our patients to get their non-emergency questions answered without the need of a phone call.

Tell us what you think about it here.

Usage Guidlines

This chat system is not intended to replace an office visit.
We will not address or diagnose medical conditions nor provide treatment in a chat session.

Do use this system to :

  • Ask general office questions
  • Request an Appointment*
  • Ask questions about becoming a new patient
  • Ask questions about the web site or portal
  • Say Hello

*Note: This can also be accomplished via the Patient Portal, or leaving a voicemail at 972-608-3333, if chat is unavailable.


Chat is available when the following conditions are true :

  • It is during Office Hours
  • We are available
  • Your browser(computer/phone/tablet) can support it


How to Use the Live Chat

When office staff is available, the chat client will appear down near the bottom right corner of the web page.

Chat Help Minimized

Once you click on the green bar, the Chat Client will expand for you to use.

Chat Help SignIn

Type in your Name and Email, click "Start Chat" and you will be connected with the office staff.



Chat Help iPhone
Chat client shown on iPhone 6s


Again, this Chat Client will only appear if Office Staff members are available.